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In-process metrology for exact measurements during production

Using the in- and post-process measuring systems for grinding technology, you can check the quality of your workpieces and optimize your production processes.

Movoline DM400 - Guarantees the high quality of your components

In-process metrology

The in-process measurement control systems can be used in cylindrical grinding machines, for example. You use them to measure small, medium or large workpieces during the production process in the machine. The control units operate with maximum precision, reliability and repetitive accuracy. They continuously check the quality of your components, thereby ensuring that your production results are of consistently high quality.

To ensure process reliability, in-process measurement control systems automatically compensate for any tolerance variations, which can arise, for example, when grinding discs become worn or as a result of temperature fluctuations. In such cases, the in-process control systems monitor the measured values in real time, thus controlling the grinding process continuously until the nominal dimension has been reached. This process helps to minimize part rejection and necessary rework.

Digital transfer technology

Digital transfer technology ensures maximum flexibility when configuring and controlling measuring heads. The in-process measurement control systems and digital measuring heads from Jenoptik are equipped with a modern fieldbus system for signal transmission. In contrast to analog measuring heads, this allows the measured values to be transferred digitally and thus with utmost reliability, speed and no interference.

The in-process measuring heads are extremely compact and robust. All components can be easily enclosed in a single housing and require minimal maintenance. This makes them ideal for use in harsh industrial manufacturing conditions. The measuring heads can also be equipped with an optional crash protection system, which prevents impact damage to the measuring system and workpiece.

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